A catering company should deliver four things: delectable food, amazing presentation, world-class
service and peace of mind. To deliver these things it takes both talent and experience — and The
Culinary Entertainment Company (CEC) has both. Our experience dates back 18 years, to 1993,
when Roland Smidt established the renowned Town & Country Cuisine. From its inception the
company grew from strength to strength to become the most recognised and celebrated catering
company in South Africa. In 2007 the business was sold to Compass Group SA. In early 2010
Roland Smidt re-joined forces with former Executive Head Chef Vincent Verrydt to launch a
long-awaited follow-up business, now known as The Culinary Entertainment Company (CEC).

CEC operates from a brand-new, state-of-the-art industrial kitchen in Northlands Business Park,
Johannesburg. We offer top-quality catering solutions for up-market functions in both the corporate
and private sectors. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent and reliable service for all our
functions and we look forward to quoting on any of your future events. Come on, let us wow you!